What is an Independent Educational Consultant?

There are two things an independent educational consultant is not: a guarantee or an applicant. That’s to say, an independent educational consultant is not someone who does seniors’ applications for them and then guarantees they will get into their dream college. However, an independent educational consultant is someone who can assist applicants throughout the college application process and give them professional insight on college planning. Translated, an educational consultant is someone who can find “good fit” schools and help assist in the mission of getting into said schools. This includes help with admission essays, admission supplements, and filling out the technical details of the application, along with the benefit of a personalized list of colleges that make the college search far less daunting. An educational consultant can also provide a clear view of financial aid, need vs merit-based and what the true cost of a college is for the individual student. The college search and application process is like climbing Mount Everest. An educational consultant can act as your guide to the top of the mountain, not climbing the mountain for you, but there to provide assistance and guidance every step of the way.

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