Why Hire an Educational Consultant?

Last year, 26 percent of seniors reported using an educational consultant in the college admissions process. Every year this statistic increases as more and more parents decide to invest in college counseling to help guide them and their children through the college process. The average public high school counselor has responsibility over 250-500 students. That means one person is supposed to manage 250-500 students’ college application processes and college questions, and as you can imagine, that is not a personalized, smooth process. School counselors don’t have time to give students personal advice, assist in the college search, review application essays, and help families navigate financial aid. If you need assistance in the college process, an educational consultant can cover the holes left by overworked school counselors. At Collegiate Blueprint, I work with no more than twenty-five clients a year to ensure that each student receives personalized attention and assistance. As an independent educational consultant, I make your child’s academic future my sole priority, and with my knowledge of the college process I can help your child reach his or her maximum potential.

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