Closing the Gender Gap: Liberal Arts Colleges Where Gender Plays a Part in Admissions

Traditionally, liberal arts colleges have attracted more female applicants than male applicants, and this reflects in their gender-specific admissions rates. Unlike universities, top liberal arts almost exclusively favor male applicants.

The following lists were originally published by the Washington Post as part of their “Grade Point” coverage. To look at statistics for more colleges, please click here.


Liberal Arts Colleges with a Gender Gap Favoring Men:

College Admissions Rate Gender Gap
Vassar College 19% of women

34% of men

15 points
Wheaton of Illinois 64% of women

77% of men

13 points
College of the Holy           Cross 39% of women

49% of men

10 points
Davidson College 19% of women

26% of men

7 points
Bates College 23% of women

28% of men

5 points
Pomona College 10% of women

15% of men

5 points
Swarthmore College 15% of women

20% of men

5 points

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