College Trends 2014: Demonstrated Interest

The first trend is something most students have never even considered, and it is taking on new importance. Demonstrated Interest, or the amount of enthusiasm a student shows for their school of choice, is growing ever more important, even as most students remain unaware that such a thing is recorded or considered. Factors such as interviews, college tours, counselor meetings, and even the infamous college essay can all be looked at in the light of demonstrated interest. Colleges want to know that their recruitment efforts are not one sided. If a college sees that a student has gone above and beyond to reach out to them, they are more likely to reciprocate with a letter of acceptance. Admission is a courtship, and as a college extends its hand with emails and visitation invites, a reply is anticipated and noted positively in your application. Most students are unaware of this, so if interest is shown there is an upper hand to be gained over those who trash the emails (colleges can see when an email remains unopened or is trashed). A separate series on Demonstrated Interest will highlight a dozen ways to express interest that will dazzle the college of your choice.

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