Visiting Colleges Over The Summer

The idea of visiting colleges this summer may not be at the top of your list of fun things to do, but getting a jump start on seeing colleges up close and personal this summer will help you narrow down your choices as you head into the busy start of your senior or junior year. While many say that the summer may not be the optimal time of year to visit colleges because classes are not in session, most colleges and universities have summer sessions, so you really can get a feel for what life may be like on campus.

Rising Juniors: Get started now!
For rising high school juniors, college may seem like a far off future event, but in reality you will be applying to schools in less than 18 months from now. By visiting a variety of different types of colleges, (large/small, urban/suburban/rural, public/private) you will certainly get a feel for what kind of environment appeals to you. For juniors who may be thinking about applying early decision, you will need to be very certain of your intent to commit to one school if accepted. That is a very difficult decision to make unless you have already visited many schools are completely confident that your first choice college is the right pick for you.

Rising Seniors: Visit before crunch time!
As a rising senior you can only imagine how busy you will be with all your academics, sports and extracurricular activities. Now add all the college application tasks on top of that and you can see why visiting schools this summer is a must do. Don’t try to schedule too many back-to-back tours. All the schools will start to look the same to you. Remember that while campus tours are great, school tour guides can only really give you a limited perspective. Allow yourself enough time to hang out in common areas such as the student union and the cafeterias (don’t forget to try the food!). Most importantly, talk with current students who are not official tour guides. In the fall you can revisit the schools that impressed you and you won’t spend your limited time having to visit schools you already know are not a good fit.

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