Blueprint Standards:
Professional Affiliation with IECA

As an Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), Laurie Brandow and Collegiate Blueprint adhere to the IECA’s Principles of Good Practice that are designed to promote and maintain the highest ethical standards of professional service and personal conduct among its members.

Since 1976, the Independent Educational Consultants Association has represented the profession of college consulting, demanding the most experience, education, training and preparation of its members. A few examples of just some of the requirements IECA members must meet include:

An advanced degree or a certificate in Independent Educational Consulting from the University of California.
Applications for membership are reviewed by a committee, assuring professionalism and competence.

Extensive training and on-going professional development.
IECA leads conferences and workshops meant to ensure that members understand the very latest trends in admission, learning theory and adolescent behavior.

Dedication to reducing anxiety, both for parents and students.
IECA members concentrate on “great fit” colleges versus “getting in.” Success is not judged by gaining admission, but by a successful experience wherever a student chooses to attend.

Please visit IECA’s website at where you will find additional information about the organization. Information on this page has been excerpted from IECA.