Design & Approach

Collegiate Blueprint personalizes the college process by limiting the number of clients we service, allowing for highly individualized attention to detail, and ongoing open communication. Getting to know each student and family individually not only fosters a great working dynamic, but also provides freedom for out-of-the-box thinking. We want to help students discover and develop their own unique strengths.

We encourage students to strike a balance between getting good grades in challenging courses and knowing the value of meaningful extracurricular activities. Students excel in academics that excite and engage, participate in activities in which they have genuine interest, true commitment and opportunity for leadership. We want to open doors to options and bring out the best in each student.

Collegiate Blueprint knows that actively engaging students to take ownership of their high school careers and the college search and application process is absolutely vital to ensuring a good college match.

We research and carefully select colleges based on the needs of our clients, enabling each student to achieve success both academically and socially. At Collegiate Blueprint, we teach the art and science of the college essay and ensure that students are completing the strongest applications possible. Our end goal is for every student to be accepted into right-fit colleges where they will grow and thrive in the best possible environment.