Affording College Plan

Educating parents and providing quantitative solutions for smart financial planning, the Affording College Plan is defined by insider strategies and customized financial reports. We incorporate real data to demystify need-based grants and merit scholarships.

The Initial Assessment Package includes:

  • An introduction to how need-based grants and merit-based scholarships can work together to potentially save you thousands.
  • Understanding how colleges use the Federal and Institutional Methodologies to award need-based financial aid.
  • Our Aid-Eligibility Report utilizes your financial data to generate an in-depth analysis of your need-based and merit-based options at different institutions. Smart strategies will pave your path to college affordability.
  • Comprehensive and unbiased College Admissions Data Resource for each corresponding institution on the Aid-Eligibility Report.
  • The option to upgrade to our Full Service Package is available to all Initial Assessment clients.

The Full Service Package includes the Initial Assessment Package (above) plus the following:

  • A College Profile Report that pinpoints your student’s GPA and ACT/SAT as compared to a specific college’s admissions profile. See where your student stands in the competition for merit scholarships.
  • Our FAFSA Answer Key provides line-by-line guidance so families understand exactly how to input their data to complete the FAFSA. No more guessing.
  • After receiving your financial aid offers, we generate a Financial Aid Offer Assessment. Using your real awards, we provide an apples-to-apples comparison of cost factors, grants and scholarships, and your family’s total out-of-pocket costs, including self-help such as federal loans and institutional loans.
  • The What-If Report can be used in conjunction with your financial advisor to potentially increase your eligibility for need-based aid by reallocating personal assets.