Chasing the Clean Sweep: Why You Shouldn’t Apply to All 8 Ivies

Considering the mad frenzy of the modern college application process, there is no greater feat than getting into all eight Ivy League universities. If not for the sheer accomplishment, many students apply to all eight Ivies with a “you just need one yes” outlook. Parents and students alike hope that by applying to all the Ivies, they increase their chances of getting accepted into any single institution. This “just one yes” strategy is common in educational consulting, best exemplified in the “safety/reach” application method. However, when used by educational consultants, this strategy is implemented to help place a student at the most academically rigorous school that the student would thrive in. All Ivies are not created equal, and the vast differences among the campuses ensure that no single student is a good fit for all the schools. In this series, I hope to explain what separates each Ivy from the pack so that your student can save time and energy, applying to their right fit Ivy League school instead of feeling pressure to apply to multiple Ivies. In the case that you find that none of the Ivies seem like a good match for your student, I’ll do a follow-up post listing the top 10 Ivy League alternatives, distinguishing the schools by state and briefly explaining why the League fails to include all equivalent institutions.

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