College Trends for 2014: The Big Five

The college admissions process is always evolving as admissions officers focus on new methods for evaluating the college application. Dozens of factors determine admission, and checking to ensure an application has all of these facets is essential. How each component within an application is weighted and considered in the overall dynamic of the student changes with each fall application run. Successful applicants understand this evolution and use this understanding to embellish parts of their application accordingly. For the year 2014, there are five main trends in the world of college admissions. Interest quotients, unbeknownst to the unaware student, is becoming ever more present as an admission factor. In an upcoming blog post, we will explain what interest is and how an applicant can demonstrate interest to earn the approval nod of admissions. In tune with the modern age of expressionism, individual creativity is becoming even more important in 2014, so college essays have also grown more important. Social media is also sneaking its way into 2014 as admissions officers have started screening student’s web pages as a part of admission. Class rank fails to earn a medal in the admissions olympiad as admissions officers continue to demote the importance of rank in 2014. Finally, transfers and waitlists may be the new norm because of the increasing quantity of competitive college applicants in 2014. All of these trends will be explained in depth in the following posts, along with a series on demonstrating college interest.

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