Early Applications: The Earlier the Better

We know the stereotype: most high school students wait until the last minute to do things. This common assumption generally stands true for college applications. Most students think they can skip the early application rounds, applying at the last minute instead of before the priority deadline. Students argue that applying in the final round means they “have more time to work on it,” but many still begin the application only a week before the deadline. This procrastination not only can cost a competitive applicant acceptance but also can cost thousands of dollars in scholarships. Applications should be started early, usually during the summer after a student’s junior year. When an application is completed over the summer, a student won’t be forced to juggle academics, extracurriculars, and their college applications at the beginning of their senior year. Furthermore, if a student finalizes their application before the fall, they can apply before priority deadlines, which can be as early as October the 15th. Deadlines can be classified as early decision, early action, priority, or regular, and each student has to plan for these deadlines and decide when to submit their application based on how they wish to apply to a school. In the next post, we’ll discuss what these deadline types mean and how to make an application timeline.

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