The Career Exploration Plan

Aiding student in discovering their strengths and weaknesses while providing them a in-depth exploration of possible career fits based on their aptitudes and interests.


In-depth Aptitudes and Interest Assessment:

  • Utilizes a proven and thorough suite of assessment tools to generate a detailed report on each student not just a 4 letter “personality code”.
  • Measures a student’s innate abilities (visual comparison speed, spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, etc.) and comparing that data to hundreds of thousands of professionals across 500+ careers.
  • Returns a report containing 40-50 pages detailing the student’s strengths, weaknesses, personality type, and learning styles.
  • Yields a searchable database of careers that fit the student along with a detailed breakdown of the career, salary and job growth statistics.
  • Provides access to a licensed counselor with a Masters of Education and extensive experience in personality typing to provide further guidance if necessary.
  • Allows access to the results for 10 years.


Beyond Career Exploration:

  • Helps students understand their strengths, weaknesses and learning style guides them to maximizing their performance in the classroom and beyond.
  • Aids students and parents in exploring summer activity possibilities based on the results of the personal assessment. Potential careers options can be explored though internships/pre-college programs.
  • Assists in building a college resume in an informative and productive way as students are taking part in activities that are applied interests.
  • Provides students with personalized guidance with regard to high school course selection based on their results and goal for high school and beyond.