The High School Roadmap Plan

Providing foundational guidance to ensure your student is on the right track in high school and setting up for success in college and beyond.

In-depth Personal Assessment:

  • Utilizing a proven and thorough suite of assessment tools to generate a detailed report on each student.
  • Returning a report containing 40-50 pages detailing the student’s strengths, weaknesses, personality type, learning styles and potential career fits.
  • Helping students undecided students examine what careers may be a good fit for them and providing validation to students who may already have a career in mind.
  • Providing access to a licensed counselor with a Masters in Education and extensive experience in personality typing to provide further guidance if necessary.

Summer Activity Help:

  • Informing students and parents of summer activity possibilities based on the results of the personal assessment.
  • Allowing students to explore the results of the personal assessment as a form of self discovery and begin building their college resume in an informative and productive way.
  • Providing students with real world experience in potential fields of study and references that can prove helpful in the future.

Course Selection Guidance:

  • Providing students with personalized guidance with regard to high school course selection based on their results and goal for high school and beyond.